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I have accommodation available to host refugee families. What can i do?

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I want to help the citizens of Ukraine with the allocation of goods. How do I do? where to deliver? What to deliver?

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If you have arrived in Pombal and need accommodation, or if you are going to receive family and friends and need to accommodate them, fill in the form

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If you have family members or friends who intend to leave Ukraine to take refuge in Pombal, the Municipality can organize transport to make the families reunite safely. Fill out the form to request help.

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How and where to apply for special protection

The Portuguese government presented a set of support measures for Ukrainian refugees who want to come to Portugal. For this purpose, it is necessary to proceed with a special protection, which can be done in person or digitally, inside or outside the national territory. Applications must be made individually, and the granting of special protection does not require a thorough assessment of each case, taking into account the danger that each Ukrainian citizen face by staying in their country waiting for a decision.

For the purpose of applying for international protection, individuals must have their travel documents (passports preferably) and go to the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), in one of these places:

  • Asylum and Refugees Office (GAR), Rua Passos Manuel, n.º 40, 1169-089 Lisbon, or;
  • At the Leiria Regional Delegation (Rua Dr. Manuel de Arriaga, 1 (former Civil Government) – 2400-177 LEIRIA | telephone: 244 845 480 | e-mail:

After submitting the application for international protection, the Foreigners and Borders Service will trigger the necessary proceedings to arrange shelter for the applicants. The declaration proving the request for protection is also automatically communicated to the Tax Authority, the National Health Services (NHS) and the Employment Office (IEFP), which immediately triggers the assignment of a Social Security identification number, as well as NHS user number. Citizens of working age are also enrolled in the IEFP.

The Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) is the entity responsible for processing requests, so even though it may be difficult to get a telephone connection, contact with this entity should be preferred: 217 115 000 or 965 903 700. If it is not possible to speak with a technician, there is also the contact email:

In any case, the two addresses that have been created to receive requests for assistance will allow you to obtain the relevant information more quickly: or